Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Riverside Studio

Terry and I went to watch 'The Important of Being Earnest' in London today. The cast was amazingly good and Gyles Brandreth's performance as Lady Bracknell was excellent.

Friday, 16 December 2011


It's been ages since I've been on this site.

At last I am a published author with a book entitled 'True Children of the Raj'. I hope it will get some recognition. It is available to buy on, No thumbnail image yet as it is newly published but it should be on soon.

It is a book in epistolary format as letters addressed to my grandchildren, enlightening them of their Indian roots through ancestry. There is a history of Raj days; history of India going back to BCE with geographical details of both India and Pakistan. The book has coloured illustrations. I lived in Pakistan through and after the partition as we were stationed in Lahore and did not move as we were not Muslim; not Hindu but Christians and Anglo Indians. We had no need to run either way; we desired to stay in Lahore and so we stayed put through the carnage, the suffering and slaughter. We opted to stay in Lahore because we loved it. The days of horror and blood letting of 1947 was a part of what I personally experienced, but we still stayed on till 1962. My children were born there and I have a personal love for both India and Pakistan as I travelled through both countries. I love the people and the topography of each country, though sadly now divided. Perhaps one day both countries will realise how strong they could be if they became one again!
The book is mostly about how Anglo Indians originated; that mixed hybrid race of beings that turned out beautiful and amazing. The East/West mixture of genes worked out well.