Thursday, 2 December 2010

My 85 Birthday thoughts

OMG where have the years disappeared?!! I cannot believe that I am 85 but I am and thank God I am able to still enjoy life. I am a lucky person; a very lucky person. I am sort of mobile, with restrictions, but I have the capacity to thoroughly enjoy everything around me, especially my family. I see many younger than I yet worse off, both physically and mentally.

The best thing in my life is that I am surrounded by love; love of my children and grandchildren and one little great grandchild and from extended members of family and tons of friends.

Often, I am asked about the secret for my youthful looks. I really can't explain as I don't know. I think it is just a gift or a state of mind. Perhaps I just don't think 'old'. I don't associate the word with me even though I know that in actual years I am old. Perhaps my family keep me young looking but well and truly grounded! Anyway - who knows and who cares about looks? I am just grateful to be me the way I am and most grateful that my brain still works as do my reflexes!!

My birthday started a week before the actual date. My two beautiful nieces took me to lunch at a very exclusive restaurant in Essex called Great Hallingbury Manor, Lakeside Restaurant. It was hard to choose the place my nieces thought good enough. There were many rejections until between C, B and me on the internet, we finally found what seemed good enough for their Aunt's luncheon! It was exclusive, expensive and exceptionally wonderful. B at last was satisfied. I felt like and was treated like a queen!

The food was to die for. We were waited on like celebrities by the chef and two waiters. Nothing was too much trouble. I was presented with gifts and just about anything I wanted was there for me. One of my nieces is a gift from abroad; a birthday present by just being there. The other is like a ministering angel and spoiled me with expensive and thoughtful gifts. I love them both dearly. They are constantly in touch with me as is my niece in New Zealand and others from elsewhere.

On the 28 November my daughter and son-in-law from Houston, who I will in future refer to as 'the royals' arrived for yet more celebrations as it was royal HIS' birthday. We had a party in D & J's house which was just what everyone wanted and enjoyed. It went on for many hours. Then it continued at a friend's home, but I did not go as it was a bit late for some. However, I did wait up till midnight till the royals arrived to stay with me for a couple of nights.

The next day, my birthday, T, I and D were taken out to lunch by my darling 'royals'; drank Champagne in the evening and had a few friends over.

I received lots of presents and cards from family - all gratefully appreciated. One big surprise was a Kindle Reader from my very special cousin. So amazingly generous of him. He does not like me to say thanks too much - so just for the record, he has many thanks and my love. He won't read this!

Well another year gone to enjoy my children, their children and my little great-grandchild and all my loving and devoted friends over the world and in UK.
Thank you everyone and thank you God!



Dear Helen,
This is to wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Do have a good time.

Alister said...


Congratulations on turning 85! I am sure I come across as a stranger, but perhaps what I have to say might be interesting.
To start with, my name is Alister Eugene Renaux and I am Anglo-Indian by culture and community and Indian by nationality. My grandparents - Joseph Eugene Renaux and Flora Majorie Renaux - decided to stay behind!
For a few years now, I have been doing some research on my ancestors and I rather inadvertently found myself directed to your blog. You definitely have had a rich and interesting life and it is interesting to read about AI culture especially in Northern India and Pakistan, especially since I come from South India. My grandfather was primarily in Madras for most of his life and worked as a train driver with Southern Railways. Do you know of any other Renauxs in India - North or South - when you were in British India? If you do, it would definitely be interesting!
I have incidentally written five poems on AI culture and heritage on my blog and I am continuously trying to trace my roots and read about the Anglo-Indian days of the Raj.
At the moment, I am a teacher in an international school in Zambia and I do go back to India regularly where some members of my family still reside.
Yes, even if there isn't any family connection, it would be nice to communicate as I would be able to pen my thoughts - as you do - on AI culture far into the future. My email address is and my specifically AI poems are at:
Perhaps these poems will give you some idea of my interest and pride in Anglo Indian culture and a heritage that I believe should be passed down for history has definitely not given us our due worth.

I hope that this is the beginning of an interesting correspondence.


Norma Renaux said...

Dear Alister
I have only just seen this blog comment. I seldom go on here. I am sure we must be related. I am trying to add to my blog as my daughter got married last week but blogspot have changed the dashboard and I can't work out the new set up yet.
Hope this gets to you...