Thursday, 2 December 2010

My 85 Birthday thoughts

OMG where have the years disappeared?!! I cannot believe that I am 85 but I am and thank God I am able to still enjoy life. I am a lucky person; a very lucky person. I am sort of mobile, with restrictions, but I have the capacity to thoroughly enjoy everything around me, especially my family. I see many younger than I yet worse off, both physically and mentally.

The best thing in my life is that I am surrounded by love; love of my children and grandchildren and one little great grandchild and from extended members of family and tons of friends.

Often, I am asked about the secret for my youthful looks. I really can't explain as I don't know. I think it is just a gift or a state of mind. Perhaps I just don't think 'old'. I don't associate the word with me even though I know that in actual years I am old. Perhaps my family keep me young looking but well and truly grounded! Anyway - who knows and who cares about looks? I am just grateful to be me the way I am and most grateful that my brain still works as do my reflexes!!

My birthday started a week before the actual date. My two beautiful nieces took me to lunch at a very exclusive restaurant in Essex called Great Hallingbury Manor, Lakeside Restaurant. It was hard to choose the place my nieces thought good enough. There were many rejections until between C, B and me on the internet, we finally found what seemed good enough for their Aunt's luncheon! It was exclusive, expensive and exceptionally wonderful. B at last was satisfied. I felt like and was treated like a queen!

The food was to die for. We were waited on like celebrities by the chef and two waiters. Nothing was too much trouble. I was presented with gifts and just about anything I wanted was there for me. One of my nieces is a gift from abroad; a birthday present by just being there. The other is like a ministering angel and spoiled me with expensive and thoughtful gifts. I love them both dearly. They are constantly in touch with me as is my niece in New Zealand and others from elsewhere.

On the 28 November my daughter and son-in-law from Houston, who I will in future refer to as 'the royals' arrived for yet more celebrations as it was royal HIS' birthday. We had a party in D & J's house which was just what everyone wanted and enjoyed. It went on for many hours. Then it continued at a friend's home, but I did not go as it was a bit late for some. However, I did wait up till midnight till the royals arrived to stay with me for a couple of nights.

The next day, my birthday, T, I and D were taken out to lunch by my darling 'royals'; drank Champagne in the evening and had a few friends over.

I received lots of presents and cards from family - all gratefully appreciated. One big surprise was a Kindle Reader from my very special cousin. So amazingly generous of him. He does not like me to say thanks too much - so just for the record, he has many thanks and my love. He won't read this!

Well another year gone to enjoy my children, their children and my little great-grandchild and all my loving and devoted friends over the world and in UK.
Thank you everyone and thank you God!