Friday, 17 August 2012

A new family member. Introducing Darcey Rae Savell

Darcey Rae, my great-granddaughter, is now about one and a half and I am just beginning to get to know her.
She has very busy parents; one works at night the other in the day.  It was not possible to have much 'together' time with Darcey and the rest of the family.  We just had to wait and be patient until my grandson, Ben, could find time to bring her to us.

I have now seen her several times and we are beginning to make friends.  She is such an amazing little character.  I love her to bits!  She has a great character and is very determined.
Blonde hair and china blue eyes help to make this little doll a beauty.  She has her Mum's hair and eyes but there is quite a lot of Ben in her facial expressions - she certainly has his character! Watch out world for this soon to be 'heart catcher'!

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Ravindra said...

Welcome, little one !!!